About Us

About Chapter 2 Investments

Chapter 2 Investments is a local, family-based company that specializes in land acquisitions, property and land management, real estate brokerage, and development. Focused in Spring Hill and Franklin, Tennessee, the Chapter 2 group actively manages several projects, including 1200-home community-in-progress Harvest Point. Chapter 2 continues to pursue land purchasing and development opportunities.

Our Mission

In the challenging field of real estate, Chapter 2 commits to be transparent, driven, and creative with land deals and development opportunities, focusing on the utmost importance of strong relationships.

Our Vision

To grow this family-based company into a multifaceted outfit focused on land holdings that consults and assists through the value-add process, delivering consistency and excellence while developing select tracts within our areas of expertise.


Do you have land that is not listed on the market?  Do you have a partially developed tract that has been left incomplete or has site constraints?  Chapter 2 Investments strives to increase its footprint in Middle Tennessee.


We Make Smart Property Investments

The Chapter 2 group of companies provides a full-service approach to land acquisition, investment, holding, management, entitlement, and development services.  The team has a background in building companies, apartment construction and management, large tract land management, residential development, and construction.  Chapter 2 embraces challenges and strives for excellence in all aspects of its portfolio.